About me

Born in Rockford, IL on May 23rd, 1987, Adam Highbarger was raised in Polo, a small farm town in Northern Illinois. Adam remembers being intrigued with Country music as far back as he can remember, watching artists perform on stage and listening to Country radio. He dreamed of one day being out there performing in front of people as well. 

It was his mother’s love for country music that gave Adam many opportunities to attend live shows and concerts at a very young age. Those early musical influences fueled Adam’s desire to pursue a career in the music business. After receiving an inspirational letter personally written to him by Country artist Terri Clark who suggested he have a back-up plan while pursuing the music route, Adam worked hard to become independent and eventually started his own trucking business with a partner, while still singing on the side and paving the road for his music dream.

However, after graduating from Polo public schools in 2005 Adam, like many wannabe artists, got distracted in the real world of working to provide for himself. He was a sales porter at a local car dealership, realizing he was not getting any closer to his real passion. “The struggle was real. Northern Illinois is definitely not a land of opportunity in the music industry. I knew where I needed to be and that was Nashville, but I also knew I really needed to be self-reliant.” After leaving the dealership, Adam was hired at a small company that worked with radio communications for emergency services in a neighboring county. From there Adam ventured to Rockford, IL where he worked in retail, then became a call center analyst, and later he was an assembler at a hydraulics factory. 

In 2014 Adam obtained his CDL and began hauling cars. “That’s when I realized my CDL was my back-up plan! Driving was a win-win. I learned how to live in a small space on the road not knowing when I’d be home next, which would be key for a touring artist.” 

Upon turning 30 Adam knew it was now or never. He found an artist development company based out of Nashville and saw his opportunity to get his foot in the door. “Self-confidence for me has always been an insecurity with my talent, so I needed direction and feedback from within the music industry of whether or not I should even give this dream a shot.” 

Adam was accepted into the program and found himself working with seasoned song writers, improving his writing skills and learning and growing as an artist. He had the wonderful opportunity to work with veteran producer Kent Wells. “After finishing my first recording session I found the booth to be an addiction and knew it was time to make the move to the Nashville area.” 

He’s still developing as an artist but is loving the process of discovering who he is as an artist. Adam plans to self-release his first EP by this fall (2019). Still rolling across country in the 18 Wheeler, he plans to soon be making appearances at different venues to get his name out there. “My goal is that once I’m able to finish my first album, I’ll be able to present who I am as an artist, to the record labels, and can then say good bye to trucker life. Until then I keep reminding myself…. Good Things Are Comin’.”